A Unique Selection of Diamonds

When you capture the light, you will see the difference. No material on the Earth captures and reflects light like diamonds do, but only exceptional skill transforms light into brilliance. A diamond's cut dramatically affects a stone's beauty.

Most diamonds are cut to keep the original rough stone's maximum weight, but that sacrifices its potential sparkle. Getting an ideal cut can be difficult and costly, but it creates the brilliance you expect from a diamond. That's what we do.

Stones cut too deep or shallow lose light through the bottom and the sides, leaving a diamond appearing dark and glassy. A round, brilliant diamond cut with 57 facets and symmetrical proportions captures light with brightness and will sparkle.

A perfectly symmetrical "ideal cut" diamond holds within it a set of hearts and arrows. When viewed from the bottom, you see a circle of identical heart-shaped figures. When the diamond is viewed from the top, an arrow pattern appears.

When a round brilliant diamond is cut to “ideal proportions,” light entering from any direction is dispersed and reflected from its heart up through the table. This creates incomparable brilliance, only achieved by a master diamond cutter.

All this is the focus of our approach at Elmquist Jewelers in Willman, MN.

Color and Clarity

The color of a diamond ranges from colorless (D) to yellow (Z). The higher a diamond’s color on the scale, the rarer the stone. Most diamonds feature small imperfections that affect a stone's clarity.


Diamond color diagram


Diagram of Diamonds

Carat Weight and Cut

Carat is a diamond's unit of weight measurement derived from the constant weight of a carob seed. 1 carat equals 200 mg or 1/5 of a gram. Each carat is further divided into 100 points. The cut has been used to relate to the quality of the make of a stone.

Carat Weight

Diamond Carat weight Diagram


Diamond Cut Diagram
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